Regular Practice is expected of Nessacus Instrumental Music students. Practice helps to focus and refine technique and to reflect on efforts/progress made.  Practice whenever possible. 
Successful Practice Guide
1. Practice at the same time each day, if possible
2. The practice area at home should be free from distractions and should have a music stand, good lightening and a straight-backed chair.
3. Each practice session should include the following:
a. tone improvement studies (long tones, dynamic studies, etc..)
b. rhythm improvement studies (metronomes are important)
c. articulation studies (tonguing and slurring exercises)
d. scale studies and musicianship studies (etudes, solos, Smartmusic exercises)
e. difficult passages from band music (can use Smartmusic when possible)

4. 15-20 minutes of conscientious practice at least 5 days/week or the equivalent is the minimum amount of time necessary for efficient progress at this level.Performance Reflection Forms (previously called Practice Plans) can be filled out at home and also during rehearsal sessions at school.

Students may submit either (one per week):

Performance Reflection Form     or    

Digital Reflection Form 

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