Monday, December 11, 2017

Concert Week Schedule Dec 2017

The Nessacus Winter Concert is THIS Wednesday, December 13, 7pm. Students should arrive at Nessacus by 6:30 to warm up and prepare.  NOTE: THIS CONCERT WILL OCCUR EVEN IF THERE IS A SNOW DAY TUESDAY. 

Concert Dress is required:
  • Black Pants/Long Skirt
  • White top/blouse
  • All Black "dressy" is also acceptable
  • Boys may wear ties
  • No Jeans or sneakers if at all possible
Thank you! We are looking forward to seeing you there.

This is the planned schedule for combined rehearsals.
Monday, December 11 (B day)- Period 5- 6th Grade Band Members join 7th regular rehearsal
Tuesday, December 12 (C day)- Period 4 7th Grade Band Members join 8th regular rehearsal
Wednesday, December 13 (D day)- 
Period 3-8th Grade Band Members join 7th regular final rehearsal
Period 6-6th and 7th Grade Band students combine for final rehearsal
Period 7-Jazz Band members (small group of 6-8 students)

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