Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post-Sandy Update-Modification to 2nd Quarter Grading

Happy Halloween. I hope this note finds you well and with power!  Losing two days of school at this point in the year has presented a challenge for students who were planning to use this week to complete music assessments at school.

Acknowledging this, I am waiving the Smartmusic assessment requirement for the first term for students who have not had a chance to submit their recordings.  In its place, students will receive music theory worksheets to complete by then end of school on Monday.  These worksheets will be handed out in band and are also posted on the website.

For students who have submitted their Smartmusic assessments, Great Job!! You are complete for the quarter.  Do the worksheets anyway, so we can get a baseline assessment of your understandings.  For those of you looking to get ahead for the 2nd Quarter, I will be posting “future” assignments and skill requirements in the coming days.  You will find this information on the website-  Click on the BAND Tab that pertains to you on the top of the webpage.  You’ll see links there to the skill requirements and future assignments.

For those who are still planning to do Smartmusic assessments at home, I have a limited number of microphones that I can lend out on an overnight basis, should you need one.

If you are new to the Nessacus Music Program, again, understand that instrumental music is a graded class with rubrics for Participation, Performance Assessments, Written Assessments and Practice/Improvement all playing a part in determining a student’s grade each quarter.  (Again, an outline of the grading policy is located at the website as is the Band Handbook). The Arts in the Commonwealth are considered to be a CORE ACADEMIC SUBJECT with Curriculum Frameworks and Content Standards.  If you are interested  in learning more, feel free to visit the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Thank you and I hope you and your family/friends have come through Hurricane Sandy positively.

-Mr Garcia


  1. It is October 31st, Halloween. My band student is dressed up as the grim reaper ready to go trick or treating. Suddenly he says: "I have to play this....." He runs to the computer and calls up smartmusic. Next thing I hear is my son jamming to "Ghosts in the Graveyard"..... What a wonderful sound on Halloween night. Perfect to have the grim reaper playing Halloween Music!